NoSoft, une entreprise exponentielle ?

NoSoft, une entreprise exponentielle ?

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At NoSoft, what we think… what we are doing… what we plan to do... has the only objective to unleash people capabilities to MAKE in the digital world and by scalable in order to succeed in our quest for the Holy Grail: Be an Exponential Organization (ExO).

According to the book "Exponential Organizations" by Salim Ismail, Yuri Van Geest and Mike Malone, an exponential organization is one whose impact is at least 10x larger compared to its peers"

By allowing non-developers to make apps without coding skills or even knowing any IT concept, our output has no comparison compared to existing app development solutions.

Our MTP: Turn anyone into a digital maker !

The Massive Transformative Purpose doesn’t state what the organization does but rather what it aspire to accomplish. Some MTP aim to transform the planet, others just one industry but radical transformation is the name of the game and it is the starting point of any ExO.

Our MTP is to turn anyone into a digital maker and this is aspirational for us in our daily work and in each decision we make.

It is massive because of the word “ANYONE” and this is our special sauce compared to our competitors on the market of no-code / low-code tools. With Nosoft, a database is a tank where you can put your data, a webservice is a block that need to be plugged in the system… And you will never have to manage IT technologies for experts : API, JSON or XML

It is transformative because we think that, in our digital era, there is a lack of digital creators compared to number of users of digital solutions : apps, software, websites…
We need to change completely the paradigm and focus on people who have ideas and allow them to make by themselves and be autonomous in the creation of a minimal viable product.
So many people are stuck to the incredible barrier to entry when you want to start to build an app.
We want to reduce this barrier at his minimal height by allowing them to focus on the core functions identification and how to create it.

It is purposeful because empowering people with software creation skills will allow entrepreneurs or employees in large organization to be autonomous, to test ideas, to fail cheap and early… to a degree never before possible.

Salilm Ismail and his buddies have identified 10 attributes that reflect the internal mechanisms and externalities that ExO are leveraging to achieve exponential growth :

S.C.A.L.E : five external attributes
Staff on Demand
Community and Crowd
Leverage external assets

I.D.E.A.S : five internal attributes

Staff on Demand: NoSofters community

Having a Staff on Demand is necessary characteristic for functionalities enrichment of Nosoft and flexibility in a fast-changing digital world.

Levaraging the entire NoSofters community is key for the success of this platform. Everyone is welcome whatever his profile in order to use Nosoft, provide new blocks and bring a fresh perspective.

The very beginner will play with Nosoft and provide usage data that will allow the core team to improve the “Creation experience”.

An experienced developer will enrich the platform with new blocks or app templates so the whole community can reuse it later.

In order to enable Staff On Demand, we have to establish clear interfaces with personnel outside the base organization and provide clear task specifications.

Each opportunity to leverage the community workforce for a dedicated task will be available on the JobStore. Anyone who want to contribute can take a task he feels like doing it at this price.
Clarity on deliverable and payment conditions is necessary and will avoid frictions with contributors.

Integration of a new block or a new functionality may require that the contributor is aware of Nosoft core architecture. In that case, we provide technical documentation allowing developers to understand how to produce a deliverable with a straight integration.

Community & Crowd: Nosofters

We want to engage our community as much as possible. We use our MTP to attract people that believe in DIY software and find team members that want to disrupt the way to build software.

The community is a powerful mean to build, test and validate everything we are doing for Nosoft.
Our community will be THE key point to drive exponential growth by amplifying our funding capabilities and allowing us to be agile and implement rapidly.

To increase the efficiency of our inquiries toward the community we have identified 3 different profiles and we will point inquiries on the appropriate ones.

Nosofters profiles are : 
Players use our solution to build an app in minutes based on high-level blocks or template for final users.
Designers build new apps, blocks or templates that can be used by players.
Architects build new frameworks and create complex blocks or templates for players or designers. 

Of course there is continuum between this 3 profiles and we would like to allow each users to grow from player to architect with educational materials if he feels like achieving this progression.

In order to enable “Community & Crowd” we use social technologies and P2P functions that enable the community to be supported by users themselves.

Algorithms: from code to design

In Nosoft algorithms are everywhere in order to allow users to design an app but also to deliver the best user experience during creation interpreting what is in the mind of our users and do it straight to the point. Usage data is collected with the only objective to tune new algorithms and develop valuable services improving the user experience and automation.

Algorithms does not mean line of codes…  Of course Nosoft core components are made with lines of code... But once created, these objects have been used graphically and algorithms under NoSoft design environment are graphical. Yes… Nosoft is made with Nosoft!

In order to enable “Algorithms creation” we want to allow everybody to do it inside their own apps what we do inside Nosoft. Allowing people to make algorithms based on a powerful and innovating visual programming language.

Inside the Core Team, for each question we have we wonder if we can implement an algorithm that will collect data and answer it.

Leverage Assets: Blockstore

As with Staff On Demand, organizations retain their flexibility by not owning assets even in strategic areas. This practice will allow Nosoft to scale incredibly quickly and obviates the need for the Core Team to manage these assets.

Chances that in the IT world, there is no scarcity on source code assets. This is exactly the opposite… There is an abundance of source codes and different technologies, probably too much.
One of the job of Nosoft community will be to apply Darwin principles on these assets in order to keep only the most valuable ones and follow a model inspired by IKEA. Even if thousands of different screws exist on the market, IKEA furniture is made with only a dozen.

In order to enable “Leverage Assets” attribute, we will allow developers or IT companies to share their assets on the Blockstore platform, developers or IT companies and to have an opportunities to monetize it differently and at a larger scale.

The idea is to automate the transformation of source codes into graphical functional blocks as much as possible: inputs creation, outputs creation, icons choice and work finely on interfaces with external software assets : SaaS, API…

Engagement: Gamification / Ambassador Program

Engagement is comprised of digital reputation systems, games and incentive prizes, and allows for faster growth due to more innovative ideas and customers and community loyalty.

In order to enable “Engagement”, we will insert gamification around user profile allowing them to be retributed with points according to their contribution to the community.
Gamification initiatives should leverage the following game techniques :

- Dynamics : motivate behavior through scenarios, rules and progression

- Mechanics : help achieve goals through teams, competitions, rewards and feedback

- Components : tracks progress through quests, points, levels, badges and collections


Winning points and climbing levels is good but incentive prize is better. At a certain level of engagement Nosoft will reward his users by offering cash or vouchers. In the future we would like to make it possible for Nosofters to own a part of the company thanks to their contribution or enter the Core Team.

Another way to engage our first users is to create an ambassador program to convert crowd to community.
We would like to create special relationships with our evangelists in order to allow them to be some “viral nodes” and leverage others external communities like employees of a large company, fab labs…


It is the bridge between SCALE and IDEAS. They are algorithms and workflows. In many cases, these processes start out manually and gradually become automated around the edges.

Some examples of interfaces inside Nosoft platform are:

App Build Pipeline which allows users to have their apps on their devices after having chosen the platform. Nosoft Build pipeline starts with many manual operations and is automated weeks after weeks aiming zero human intervention.

Block creator module will be an important interface for Nosoft because it will allow any developer or anyone with a piece of source code to create and submit a new functional block.

Analytics solution is integrated within Nosoft design environment and website in order to to feed company’s dashboard.

Interfaces and automation are critical for any company which wants to scale seamlessly, especially on a global level.


Nosoft Core Team need a way to measure and manage the organization : a real time, adaptable dashboard with all essential company and employee metrics, accessible to everyone in the organization.

As a startup, we shall have a full transparency with the Core Team in order to avoid a risk of frustration or leaving the company.

In order to enable “dashboard” attribute, we have creating a Cockpit with :

- Key Driving Indicators (KDI)

- Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KDI track critical growth drivers and shall allow us to make decisions. There are only 3 driving indicators.

KPI track the performance at a lower level. KPI helps us to build KDI or refine decisions on business, technical or community activities.


Implementation of Lean Startup methodology is the backbone of experiences performed to improve Nosoft and test our assumptions with controlled risks.

Mistakes are inherent with this approach but we do try avoiding to recreate old mistakes by improving our e-learning material, our process or by using automation.

Our objectives is to put our MVP faster on the market and accelerate learning.

In order to enable “Experimentation” in our company, we instituted a management routine which encourage everybody in the company to define a weekly batch on Monday and celebrate it on Friday whatever the status (success or failure) if the batch allowed us to learn something.


Self-organization is the basis of Nosoft Core Team project management. It does not mean that it is not organized globally because our weekly management routine keeps everybody aligned on priorities.

In order to enable “Autonomy”, a task management tool is used and each week each team member choose which tasks he wants to add or join. As long as a task fit with the company’s MTP or priorities, Core Team is encourage to execute it autonomously and share the results when finished.

This practice is virtuous because everybody shall learn to define small batches and remain in a motivating execution mindset. We experienced that is not always easy to define a batch which is relevant at the first attempt. Another virtuous aspect is the accountability of task owner when something goes wrong which triggers faster reactions and learnings.

Furthermore, each team member knows which task is in progress in the hands of others which brings clarity in the execution perimeter of everyone, allows people to work remotely and makes the connection with tasks which are executed externally (Staff On Demand / Jobstore).

Social Technologies:

With Social Technologies we are looking for what Gartner calls à Zéro Latency Enterprise that is a company in which the time between ideas, acceptance and implementation all but disappears.

In order to enable “Social Technologies” we use Collaborative Tools and try to reach the 3 objectives of social technologies from JP Rangaswami :

- Reduce the distance between obtaining/processing information and decision making (OneDrive / Trello)

- Migrate from having to look up information to having it through your perception (Slack / Trello)

- Leverage community to build out ideas (Slack / WhatsApp / Social Networks)

With more direct conversation, faster decision cycles and faster learning we will accelerate continuously without a limited risk to disturb our team members.

The cooperative culture is essential in order to avoid someone to be isolated in this organization. Sharing information with others in the Cooperative tools (Slack channels, comments on Trello tasks…) is something that you can do for your personal organization but essentially to keep your work tightly connected to the work of the team.


A diagnostic survey provided by Exponential Organizations authors is available here :

We use it in our cockpit to measure regularly our progression in the ascension of the Exponential Summit and identify our weaknesses.

Nosoft Exponential Quotient