Sprint MVP

You want to make an app and test it on field ?

You want to validate that your value proposition / user flow with real users ?

You want to organize a Corporate Hackathon with your team in order to turn them into digital makers ?

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Objective :
2 Days dedicated to create a functional prototype that will allow you to test the relevancy of your idea.

Do It Yourself before you ask someone to do it for you.

3 steps :
- Kick-off (Day 1): Presentation of your idea and objectives and explanation of prototyping methodology.
- Mock-up Camp (Day 1) : creation of the app mockup and define your pitch
- Prototype Camp (Day 2) : creation of a app testable and functional prototype

Results :
This workshop will turn you team into digital makers that will allow them to create a functional prototype that can be tested by targetted users.