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The Bug

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The bug is an endangered specie ! But do you know why ?

No Thinking

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To be Translated

BPI supports NoSoft

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BPI supports NoSoft in the frame of the "Bourse French Tech"
ANACT et Fing ont retenu ma candidature à l'appel à projet du transformateur : "Comment faire participer les employés à la transformation numérique des organisations ?"

NoSoft, more than a just another tool, a Pedagogy

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NoSoft, is much more than just a tool, this is a vision of the software industry. In this vision, each of you NoSofter, are expected to grow up through 3 stages: Player, Designer, Architect

NoSoft Editorial Line

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NoSoft Editorial Line : our way to communicate about NoSoft on the Blog, the Forum and the Social Networks

NoSoft, an exponential organization ?

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NoSoft, an organization which work everyday to accomplish its Massive Transformative Purpose and reach exponential growth.

What is a pivot ?

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What is a pivot ? pivoting is not an action, it is a state !

#WeekMajorEvent !

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What is a #WeekMajorEvent ? Just a management routine ? It is rather our particular way to illustrate our "management" philosophy : "No control, only context !"
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