New product

Geolocation Block allows the Designer to integrate in an app:

  • An interactable map
  • Interactivity with point of interest or specific location
  • Interactivity with my current location

This is not for pathfinding or navigation purpose.

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The Designer can integrate an interactive map in a given zone of the app. The minimal interactivity is touch and allows pan, zoom and rotate of a 2D-TopView map.
The Designer can display on the map the « geoloc » points and associate any representation of the location (image, text or 3D model).
The Designer can use a CRUD NoSoft function for teh « geoloc » points.
Each « geoloc » point can be linked with a NoSoft contextual action.
From a general point of view, the Designer can exploit the entire NoSoft design logic.

NoSoft provides a Unity asset that already encapsulates the required geolocation functions. The purpose is not to re-develop them but only to adapt them to the NoSoft design logic.

The JobStore framework contract is applciable.