NoSoft, more than a just another tool, a Pedagogy

NoSoft, more than a just another tool, a Pedagogy

From Knowledge To Skill

NoSoft, is much more than just a tool, this is a vision of the software industry. Nowadays, this world of geeks is defined by an incomprehensible jargon for the common people, but we ask for a new world in which each of you is able to express with a very simple and intuitive language in order to concretize her or his ideas without any limitation due to your level of knowledge.

People well know what app they want to use, as soon as we provide them with the means to concretize, to mock-up, to design easily without constraining with the impassable barrier of code.

Of course, you will find brilliant online courses, but this is already for certain instructed people… And this does not prevent the software world to continue to clutter the simplicity with so highly technical details that now every piece of work in the digital world is quickly expertise.

 « yes but me, I just wanted an app with 2 menus and 3 buttons :-( »

It is therefore time to turn this world based on a knowledge-based economy into a skill-based economy! Over, the experts that sell their knowledge of the code, framework and other tools without any offset! Here comes the age of the makers which was muted until now.

The true experts are those who teach for free and bet on the fact that their expertise will be bought when they will prove how skilled they are and even how crafted they are! Those who will continue to make knowledge retention or will perpetuate, consciously or not, this digital crack will be disrupted, disintermediated, uberized !

From Vertical To Horizontal

The 20th century has considered the software industry in a so binary vision, that all the processes are now organized by this Manichean bias opposing users and developers. But everybody has already noted the limitation of such a vision:

  •         New processes Agile, DevOps, DesignThinking…
  •         New public and private education with Ecole 42, programming test during school exams

As long as we continue to only consider the user as a “consumer” at the end of a long and painful design process, we will be obliged to “fix” the perverse effects of this dual vision.

What if we dared to think that the user is much moe than just a simple « feedback » in the development loop…. What if we dared to see through the user, a muted Designer… What if the User would become “The Alpha and the Omega” of the software, in other words: the means and the finality!

We would therefore able to holistically answer to this fundamental duality of the V-Cycle that is only able to consider, regardless the refresh rate of the process, an up and down oscillation between the “user” and the “developer”.

Just imagine now, that this vertical dimension of the software development was perpendicularly pivoted to become the horizontal dimension.

We would get a totally new perspective to consider the Design Thinking that would prevent this trendy momentum to turn this fundamental idea into an overused commercial product and even almost disgraced.

Think Design, it is fundamentally when the user becomes the architect of its own solution!

This is our ambition at NoSoft : refuse the simplistic trade-off dictated by this artificial duality between user and developer. Forget #BornToCode that is full of its emptiness and celebrate #BornToDesign!

From User To Player

Now let’s bet that the user and the developer are both superseded… What would be the very first stage of this disruption? Take the example of a child. How does it start from a state defined by “I undergo the interactions with my environment” and finish with “I build the environment in which I want to grow up”: only by playing!

Let the user becomes a player, let it learn by playing, without considering anything but the straight forward ambition to get the finality without understanding:

  •         Let the entertainment becomes the prechamber of its expertise
  •         Let the achievement becomes its victory
  •         Let the emotion becomes its motivation !

It is time to enter the game!

From Player To Designer

Here comes the day when the Player wants to win ! It starts to understand how the rules are subtle and how to set up strategies and tactics to go further…

The game is substituted by the passion! The player turns into a Designer which wants to disrupt the dictated rules. It starts to think other rules, to create other games, to invite others to play… It perpetuates what is exactly the root of its birth as a fair payback, a natural cycle in which even the intellect is reproduced.

No so long time ago, the Player was reduced to use a digital world in which it was an alien and today the Designer dreams about changing a world that it starts to master.

From Designer To Architect

And finally the designer grows up ! It starts to understand that among all the systems, it has created, the most beautiful are those in which it is no longer present. When the Designer vanishes, the Architect rises. This ability, learnt by the Designer, to control its creature, is sublimated in the context that it has set up to unleash an emergent self-organization.

Its name at the bottom right corner of the picture is now its Signature that perfectly unifies the Architect and its master piece… Is the Architect now an Artist? Definitely!

Son nom en bas du tableau est devenu une signature qui met en parfaitement alignement l’Architecte et son œuvre… L’Architecte est-il devenu un Artiste ? Certainement !

  •         An Artist of the Ontology
  •         A linguist of the Depth
  •         A poet of the Structure

From Usage to Experience

We could just make NoSoft as a tool and write articles about it… But Nosoft is above us, since the #NoSofter is “the Alpha and the Omega”, the means and the finality that leads us to say

« NoSoft, for You, by You »

Today, after a lot of work we have just integrated a new feature Wizard that is going to become the player helper during its adoption phase of the game. Perfectly aligned with the core architectural principles, this feature continuously bridges the gap between a simple usage and the design of an app.

We have not unlocked all the chest of NoSoft but we know that the Designer will also need special features not only to assist in its usage but more to make it grow up to the Architect stage. And the Architect, itself, will evolve… but to where and with who?

When the moment will come, NoSoft will become a real autonomous entity focused to change the world of the complex system design… But this is gonna be another story ;-)

For the moment, we give you the opportunity to live a brand new life experience by the design.

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