What is a pivot ?

What is a pivot ?

« Hey, What is a pivot? »

A pivot it is when :

  • you change your perspective
  • you turn your arbitrary route by a more natural one
  • you choose another vision than yours
  • you look at something instead of just seeing it
  • you accept to fail
  • you let it go
  • You show humility
  • You bend but not break
  • You give up in order to succeed
  • You act like if you cannot fail and doubt like if you cannot be right 

« and is it difficult ? »

You can do it naturally but some people will never do that.

It is probably the most difficult thing to do however it is simple... 

  • difficult because you need to forget your ego !
  • simple because you can unify everything...

It is counter-intuitive but :

pivoting is not an action, it is a state !

But it is an active state ! 

A continuous tension you create between you and the nature of things, in order to create this back-force that will takes you back to relevance.

Rémi, TheArchitect