#WeekMajorEvent !

#WeekMajorEvent !

At NoSoft, we regularly present our work !

No meeting, no deadline, just a spontaneous way to catch your team-mates by saying "Guys, have a look on this !"

Then we had the simple idea of the #WeekMajorEvent !

What is it ? Just a management routine ? It is rather our particular way to illustrate our "management" philosophy :

"No control, only context !"


The #WeekMajorEvent is a way to define his own week objective. Everyone identifies the next step which is a milestone on the road of deployment.

Nobody is going to evaluate or control, everyone is the only jury of his #WeekMajorEvent.

Visibility and transparency

Projects are often opaque for everybody but the stakeholders. 

With the #WeekMajorEvent, everyone announces where is the objective on Monday... and what he succeed to deliver at the end of the week!


At NoSoft, gamification is the foundation of our concept : We have replaced the moto

"Learning by doing" by

"Learning by playing"

It is not a coincidence if the first level is named « Player » in the NoSofters community.

With the #WeekMajorEvent, we embed a game dimension in the team where the competition starts with yourself and continues with your team-mates :

We all want to "slack" our #WeekMajorEvents !

Humility, Effort and Overdelivery !

This positive approach invites everybody to make a self-evaluation, to know his own capabilities, to exceed it and set the objectives higher the week after.

You can find the same values in sport competitions, it teaches you humility. 

Furthermore the #WeekMajorEvent brings an interesting dimension : the weekly recurrence. A small batch where anybody can retry the week after in case of failure.

This approach is close to Agile methods and kills procrastination. When your scale is one week you have to carefully evaluate what is feasible and valuable !

Realize to realize yourself

Beyond the fact to "hurt yourself" like top athletes, you need to know how to realize something and deliver it.

It is easy to say "I must do" but more difficult to actully do it. The smallest implementation will always have more value than the biggest idea. #TheExecutioner reminds us this point regularly since his reading of the book "Getting Real" by 37 Signals. 

"The most brilliant idea, with no execution, is worth $20. The most brilliant idea
takes great execution to be worth $20,000,000."

#WeekMajorEvent is a way to get it done ! Not only to "deliver" but to prove that we can do it and realize yourself.

And if our #WeekMajorEvent is finally not really a major one, we don't care about it... Because we announced and delivered it.

Kaizen and MVP

"Say what you do, and do what you say" is not just a principle but a good way which keeps you in a positive continuous improvement approach.

And with our #WeekMajorEvent we prefer a small step than a giant dream.

This scale calibrated on one week induces a small batch strategy with the MVP concept : "Minimal Valuable Product" in order to highlight the relevance of a function waiting for the famous "Minimal Viable Product".

Feedback culture

Each step is presented to others, therfore feedback is natural and instantaneous. Everyone is invited to give and receive feedback and that's not so easy...

It is good for the team and for the product !

  • the Team is more humble and open-minded with new ideas generated and the satisfaction to have something done.
  • the Product gains maturity in front of his first public, the Team.

Well-being and efficiency

Create a work environment which generates well-being is a the be-all and end-all for NoSoft. We want that each people working with us loves that morning to night.

This "like metrics" is an extraordinary lever for efficiency. Since the introduction of the #WeekMajorEvent routine, we have delivered more and better and we have accelerated.

Well-being is our purpose and efficiency is just a consequence and we carefully keep it in that order otherwise we will pressurize the system... 

Sooner or later at Nosoft, we will set up a tool to measure the "Like metrics", our only KPI in the team :-)