We were there, he was there too !

We were there, he was there too !

Vivatech, 16th June 2017.

We have been selected in order to be in the Airbus Lab in Viva Technology exhibition in Paris. We are in the group of startup specialized in Ariticial Intelligence. We are a bit excentred but visits and smiles are there...

A Hat approached our booth... In this exhibition full of geeks, a smiley and elegant man came looking at our name "NoSoft" curiously and asked : "What are you doing in NoSoft ?" innocently. Our pitch is well-proven, this guy seems to be intrigued and we saw in his sight that he wanted more. He catched something so I forgot the pitch and talk about NoSoft more deeply which exited his intelligence. In this discussion, it was like if we were isolated in a spatiotemporal bubble. 

Forget about the stakes on this exhibtion, our pitch, our potential investors and users... We were there and he was there too !

NoSoft is a vision of what the digital world could be or must be like a massive call to anyone who wants to become a creator. The Blockstore is collaborative space which reinvents an ecosystem where anybody can exploit the value of his own skills to dream, think and create. NoSofters is a community where pedagogical approach is embedded... Where the "player" can become a "designer" and then an "Architect".

The guy is astounded. "Your value proposition is a revolution ??!!". We love that idea and we work on that. Beyond the commercial and technical approach, it is philosophy and biomimicry that orient our journey. And he understood that.... With eyes wide-open maybe he is dreaming to this new paradigm where people are liberated of their frustration of being just a user of the digital world.

"I am journalist and I would like to write an article about you... and I host a radio show where I would like to talk about NoSoft." Here is what NoSoft can generate... A support that is far more that a simple "follow" and which make each NoSoft a part of it. The guy left our booth with a large smile and a deserved sticker "Infected by NoSoft virus".

This guy is Charles-Edouard Aubry, and he is the messenger of one our best moments in this VivaTech 2017. Thank you Charles-Edouard for this !

More about Charles-Edouard and his NoSoft experience (website in French only)